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that halloween moon and at least one person may have use a costume to try to hideis true entity, a murderer. that weend before halloween here in grand forks heath east ling and her bfriend joe loveling was putting on costumes, getting ready to go out. >> nice night. i spent withfriends. >> he dressed u as a hockey fan wearing his faith green jersey >> i dssed in aechanics outfit. a friend of mine text me and said meet me at the broken drop. >> the broken drop, half casino, halfbar. heather and joel had a t to celebra celebrate. she had just moved here from texas after ding long distance. it wasearly lovet first sight. >> how long did youo out with joel before youealized this is the guy? >> a week. >> that's it? yeah. he was taken back when i said, i'moing to marry you. that's whas going to happe here. and he wast rlly ready for me to say somethingike that to him but i was ready to say something like that. that's howure i was. >> but joel, the divord guy who loved golf, fishing, and his friends, would sn be ready for marriage, too. just ten months after they met, this smart hospital comter i
! >> and a little girl would show us all the meaning of courage. >> when porsche got up and ran, did you have a moment where you thought, oh, my god? >> i'm lester holt and this is "date line." here is kate snow with "nowhere to hide." >> reporter: it's the modern day town square, a gathering place that fulfills our every need. shopping, eating, socializing. a trip to the mall is an escape on weekends. and not just in america, in nairobi, kenya, the upscale, modern westgate mall was the place to unwind at the end of the workweek. it was the last place you would expect something like this. [ gunfire ] gunshots, explosions, armed men taking over every floor methodically shooting any one in their way. that was the unbelievably brutal scene that played out in front of a shocked world on september 21st. just after the smoke cleared, dateline traveled to nairobi. tonight, we'll fact you inside the mall attack. with never before seen pictures of how it unfolded, and new details from those who lived through it. you will hear from two mothers caught in the cross fire. >> it was pretty terrifying, it r
. and i just -- i used to say to him, you know, like -- he just -- i said when is it you're going to spend your money, you know? what are you waiting for? >> so kay promised darla he'd travel with her, see the world. but he made sure his bunker was stocked, and he kept his guns close to hand, just in case. and then it was november 16th, 2009. darla was away watching her granddaughters. kay was alone in his house. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> it was evening when the call came in. >> i have help on the way but i just need to get some information. are you sure that he's dead? >> darla was on her way home. her cell phone chirped. it was a neighbor. >> he said something terrible has happened and he said i think it's at your house. >> darla's mind flashed to kay and his guns. >> and i thought, oh, my gosh, he's probably shot somebody, an invader or something. >> he phoned a family friend. >> he said something's going on, i'm alone, i need to be with somebody. can you be with me. >> chris rushed to meet darla at the foot of the canyon. police had blocked off the road that led
was watching. >> here it comes again. >> life used to be much simpleler for lottie. >> this is an upscale neighborhood and kristine and i were always outside. >> their upstairs neighbors were carmen and nick. >> she was a gorous strawberry blond, feisty, very outgoing young woman who loved her son more than anything else in the world. they were two peas in a pod. >> it was a monday afternoon, the week before halloween. >> the first thing they did was go downstairs to see if they could find nick's mom, her car was there, she should be there. >> while christina stayed by the door, nick went inside, someone was there, but not his mom. >> nick turned the corner and he saw something move across the bedroom down the long hallway. >> it was a dark figure wearing gloves and a mask. the stranger suddenly stabbed nick and left him for dead. >> as he's laying there on the floor, he actually sees his perpetrator run from the house. christina began really freaking out. she was terrified. >> christina ran upstairs to her apartment to get help. her babysitter was there and her boyfriend scott. >> i grab
. this is like watching a tv show. >> you're telling us to go search for the one-armed man. well, we found indian joe. that's all true? >> oh, yeah, that's all true. >> what else would we find? >> there's a maniac out there. >> i'm lester holt, and this is "dateline." here's josh mankiewicz with a story of "deadly intent." >> you're looking at the life of the hoagland family of san diego played out in brief. moments stretching across the years from the prosaic to the profound. that's the mom, connie. just after she gave birth to son jonathan. >> look over here, guy, one, two, three. >> here he is six years later after losing a tooth. >> hey, jonathan, that's a great smile you have there. >> reporter: this is oldest daughter jill learning to play golf. >> that's a nice one, jill. >> reporter: and this is her little sister jaclyn. today the kids are grown. jill has a child of her own. jaclyn is married and jonathan has graduated high school. and looking back, the childhood they describe is one of stability and routine. >> just normal happy family, i say it would be. >> mm-hmm. we go to church on su
like an open canopy, which is the word skydivers like to use instead of parachute. at the tiny airport in superior, wisconsin, amy and chad were joined by a gaggle of close friends ranging in age from 23 to 64. >> the weather had been so horrid for the last almost month. we kind of just said the weather looks like it might be jumpable. >> the 11 friends gathered at skydive superior, a family-run outfit with more than 50 years experience. skydive bases like these are called drop zones, and the circle of friends in this one had a common bond. the adrenaline rush skydiving brings. >> linnea is a single mother of two. >> nobody takes on skydiving without thinking about the danger. so take me through your thought process, especially considering you are a single mom of two kids, 10 and 6. >> yeah. i thi them all the time, the danger is there. but it's the same amount of danger that anyone would have getting in your car and going to work. >> do you worry before you head over to the drop zone on a weekend? do you stop to think -- >> no, i'm really excited to get there. >> the all were. the nin
the scene. brett's 410 revolver, the gun he kept on his safe and used to shoot bryan. in bryan's hands police found a 9 millimeter pistol that had been used to kill tammy. near bryan's body was his open gym bag with ammo and an empty magazine clip, clearly visible on top. to investigators it looked like brett parker had fought for his life, shot a man in self-defense, and had just lost his beautiful wife. the big question was why? why would such a good friend turn on them? >> one of the first questions i asked him was, what was his relationship with this man? and he said, you know, can i talk to you in private? that's when he told me he was a sports bookie. >> brett worked a day job as a full-time medical salesman but on the side he had been a sports bookie for years. >> did it concern you or was it just -- >> every small town has a bookie. that's something that i don't even think about. >> and brett was not the "sopranos" break your leg style bookie. was brett a gentle bookie? >> oh, very, very. everybody says that he delivered his money. brett was good. he was a good bookie. >> brett
. >> she seemed to be able to uplift people in ways that none of us knew how to do. >> she had a way to make you smile. she had a way to let you know that everything was going to be okay. >> gayle was her mother. >> nici was sunshine. she was the kind of person that when she walked in a room, the room lit up. >> gayle raised nici and her sister, tanya, in the suburbs of seattle. there were carefree days at the nearby lake. >> is nici your annoying kid sister or was she a pretty cool kid? >> she was a very annoying kid sister. mom insisted on dressing us alike. >> in high school, mia says nici was a friend to everyone. >> every day, eating lunch together. she never sat. she would walk around and visit with people. she always saw the good in people. she didn't see the bad in people. >> after graduation, nici brought that winning spirit into the workplace. eventually landing a plum position in the head offices of bali total fitness. kimberly thomas was on her team. >> nici was a great boss. she cared about how your day was, she cared about how you were feeling. she cared about your birt
to the bryans. >> i went over and hugged her neck and told her how sorry i was, that god would get us through this, and she said i'm sorry, i know he was your friend, too. >> reporter: keith's deputy chief, terry hamilton, reached becky on her cell. >> so i told her not to worry, they will do a full investigation and they'll find, they'll figure out who did it. >> reporter: at the house, becky was on the rear patio on the phone with friends and family, repeating the story of the armed intruder. >> we were sitting in open lot around the patio and i was fearful that they might come back. >> reporter: you thought right at that moment that this person she described could come back? >> yes. i did. we hadn't had anything like that happen before. >> reporter: tammy mcneal, a detective with the mustang police department, was dispatched to the bryan house that night. and mustang being mustang, the victim and his wife were no strangers to the detective. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you hear it's keith? >> it's concerning to me, because i knew this family. >> reporter: becky seemed relieved
us. >> of course it has, even thoh it happened long before she was bo. how long? fifty years. phoenix. wasn't the sprawling moder city we know today. backhen lots of open desert, rt paths framed by contact us, framed b red mountains. of course there were those outrageo tail fins. one evening in the warm spring of 1962, aounghoenix couple ok a ride out to th desert. >> this was two young people engaged to be maied. freshly scrubbed, just 20 years old, met at the phone company. that's where they worked. >> these two people were standing tizens. they both had jobs. ey both cam from very good families. >> yes. and thent was may 23rd. timnd jce had dinne with her parents and drove off in a '59 chevy, just about like this one. they stopped for a milkshake. then tim veered offhe road into lover's lane to do what people do at such places. >> they were just a young cple going out for a nig on the town and to be with one another. >> it was early next morning when a schl bus psed by and the kids yelled at theus driver to stop. here just off the dtoad was the '59 impala. lying in the dust nearby
skydivers like to use instead of parachute. on saturday, amy and chad were joined by a gaggle of friends a ranging in age from 23 to 64. >> the weather had been horrid for the last month, we kind of said that the weather looked like it might be jumpable. >> the 11 friends gathered at sky dive superior. skydive bases like these are called drop zones and the circle of friends in this one had a common bond. the adrenaline rush skydiving brings. lennay is a single mother of two. >> nobody takes on skydiving without thinking about the dangers, so take me through the thought process, especially since you're a single mom of kids 2 and 6. >> it's the same amount of danger anybody would have have getting in your car and going to work. >> do you worry before you head over to the drop zone on a weekend, do you stop and think --? >> no, i'm really excited to get there. >> -- that this is the day? >> no, i'm really excited to get there. >> on saturday, they all were. the nine skydivers and two pilots on two planes had already done up to nine jumps each but this was to be the best part of their day. a
's perspective, she would look for the positive side, the good things, and she would want us to move on. and you know, that's what we tried to do. we made our peace with it. we went on living. >> reporter: but as time went by in the little town, dark suspicions were whispered from neighbor to neighbor. and one name kept coming up, catherine's estranged husband paul novak. her close friend, sue muller. >> i was angry as time went on and i thought more and more about it and i thought that paul might somehow be involved. >> reporter: as she looked back, she was particularly haunted by the way paul acted the day of catherine's memorial service. >> it's the whole congregation were sobbing so loud. i mean, pastor couldn't even finish her sermon. i went up to him and hugged him. i kind of was struck about how he showed no emotion. after 11 years of marriage, that she might have meant a little bit more to him, that he might shed a tear. but i didn't see any. >> reporter: but there was no evidence that paul had anything to do with catherine's death, no dna or fingerprints at the crime scene, no witnesses
used to think, okay, if a monster er came to my room what would i do? >>nd you knew it was make believe. >> yeah. >> who could have imagined it would become reality. but on june 4th, 02, it di elizabeth' mom lois ander younger sister mary catherine say it started as a relaxing family evening. the two sisters climbed into bed gether. they had staid up late and they were reading which book? >> ella enchanted. >> elizabeth was reading it outloud t mary catherine. >> was tt aypical night? her reading to you? >> yeah. >> but a few hours after they fell asleep arod 2:00 a.m., izabeth woke abruptly. someone was there in her bedrm. >> ieard a voice i have a knife at your neck don't make a sound. get up and come with me. i could feel somhing cold and sharp lyingacross my neck. >> even in thedarkness, elizabeth immediately grasped the gravity of what was haening. >> i feltmmediately awake. i could feel or sense my sister lying in bed next to me. she was asleep. i was so scared jus adrenaline shooting through my body. and then he started to pull me out of bed and h said if you make a sound, i will
. everything tt we saw in our lifeas all shattered. he betrayed us to our very core. >> they we a stunning couple, a ctor and a beauty qun. >>he won homecoming queen. she did modeling. >> but the day she was found dead ithe tub -- >> who's in the bathtub? >>y wife. >> -- set a mystery in motion. >> my father said, rachel, come home. and then he justung up. >> so ny secrets locked tit for so many years uncovered by dahters turned detectives. >> you hacked into his phone. >> yeah. there was a lot of different ings that came out. >> things like a mtress named gypsy. was she a tive for murder? inourt, an epic showdown. father against dghter. and daughter- >> why weryou seeking information as to your mother's deat >> because i believed my father killed her. >> but was the evidence onis side the medical examines report listed it as natural cause of death. >> whoill you believe? >> i'm lester holt a this is "datelin" here's keith morrison with "secrets in pleasa grove." >> the sry you're about to witness is all too human. oh, what people will do to each other. and then, puzzling. there were these
to be able to speak his words. i'm not sured he is as a writer. and he really gave us some great ones to say. >> stars celebrated the grand opening of sugar factory hollywood. [ applause ] >> mariah carey entertaining the crowd as she accepted the artist of the year honor on behalf of "the butler" director lee daniels. the popular gay magazine also honored daniels acknowledging the 100 most compelling people of the year. >> spanish superstar alejandro stans was awarded an honorary doctor of music degree at berkeley's college of music and celebrated with a performance at the college. ♪ >> coming up, your first look at the secret life of walter woody, that's next. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ to-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must b
and i'm afraid he might use it . >>> a story of sand sunsetsnd fata attraction. successful the everything except ve. then she found him. >> she said she fel so goodn hi arms. >> he was handsome sophisticated andrazy about her. therwas talk of marriage. then suddenly the was talk of trouble. >> she was frightenedu eed enout to go home. >> she had fear that something would happeno her. >> it did. >> my sister is not answering her phone. >> how did love go so wrong. in a surprising new twist, it would take notone, butwo trials to discoverhe truth. >> all of a sudden he wast convicted of killi my sister any more. >> here is hoda kotb with fatal attraction. >>> naucket, massachuset off the coast of cape cod. simple and elegant in a w that sayserious money. the beaches arpolice teristinpr phenomenal, a the setting, pack your credit cards. with its surfs, sun sets and seabreezes, in nantucket is 50 shades of fabuus. buthen the fog rolls in, denies, physicmysterious, d everything chges. anything is possible in this moody place. maybe even sinister things. >> my sister is not answen
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is stylish and super practical. these ottomans not only give us a nice kick of color in this foyer, but the texture and fabric softened the feel of the space. the other thing that is neat is this grazed glenn and console table. this is absolutely creating a .ery established tableau neate other thing that is is this grazed glenn and console table. client'ssomething you reay artwork. we had a blast mixing bright orange and french blue. it works beautifully together, and if you build a room around something you adore, you are guaranteed to love that space. one of our dilemmas was definitely to figure out how to add privacy to the room but not visually close it in, so the answer to that was to install these beautiful spheres to still have a little bit of light coming in, but you are not closing in the space. one of the biggest questions i get asked is if i've got patterned fabric in my room, is it ok to have a pattern on the rug? i love the carpeting, and what makes it work in this space is it's a small, consistent pattern. it's also a large open area rug, which helps visually elongate
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)